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After 11 wonderfully productive days of filming in Mauritius and Rodrigues, it’s a wrap!

Last Friday marked the last day of main production of Vey nou Lagon. For the past two weeks, we drove all around Mauritius and Rodrigues, collecting stories from fishers who know the intricacies of our lagoons better than anyone else and are living the changes first hand.

We were taught how to ‘kass zuitres’ (pick oysters) and the skills needed to ‘pik zourites’ (fish octopus). We learned that if you want to film octopus fishers coming back with their catch of the day, you have to run to them as soon as they get off their boat because by the time they reach the beach… all the octopus is already sold! We met the most enthusiastic group of kids, who cleaned the Poste Lafayette beach at the speed of lightning and filled 10 bags of 110L in 10 minutes! Finally, we now really feel what it means to have a job that relies completely on weather, especially in winter. Fortunately, we also adopted the fishers’ positive attitude and with a lot of dawn starts, daily rescheduling, and always being ready to jump on opportunities, we captured fascinating stories that we are excited to share with you soon.

Before we dive in and start sharing with you the many stories we have collected, we would like to give a big shout out to our Production team. Production would not have been possible without their hard-work, dedication, and flexibility.

We will be putting all of them individually in the spotlight on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this week, but for now, here’s a quick introduction to our all star crew.

Azim Moollan -- Director of Photography
Azim initially started his career as a Documentary film-maker in London. He continued with documentary work in the Southern African region.

Since attending the New York Film Academy for a Cinematography Diploma, Azim has been working as a Director of Photography on films, commercials, music videos and other more experimental work.

Check out his work on his website:

Gérald Rambert -- Underwater cinematographer
Gérald was born in Mauritius and grew up in the northern region of the island. After the French Lycée, he worked for four years in agricultural research and development before pursuing his dream to dive. He started training to become a scuba instructor in 2001, and has since then organized underwater photography competitions in Mauritius, started working with magazines, and published a book (Mauritius Underwater).

Gérald also teaches underwater photography and led some workshops in Indonesia and Komodo. He is also the part owner of Sun Divers ltd, on the west part of the island. He is now based there almost year round and dives nearly everyday.

Have a look at his pictures on his website:  

Flying Freaks -- Drone Imagery
Flying Freaks is a young, talented and passionate team of aerial cinematographers. Located in Mauritius, their mission is to use their high tech drones to provide aerial images and videos that sweep you off your feet.

We are lucky to have had team members Manveesh Seenauth and Guneshen Guillaume join us!

See Mauritius like you’ve never seen it before:

Kjell van Sice -- Stills photographer
As an avid distance ocean paddler, surfer, kiteboarder and free diver, Kjell is both a representative of the ocean community and well-equipped for creating defining water imagery.

At only 19, the Hawaii-raised artist has work published in both domestic and international magazines, images used by environmental organizations, and prints shown in fine art galleries.

Although currently based in Pasadena, California where he majors in photography at the Art Center College of Design, Kjell also spends his time in Hawaii and Mauritius.

Explore his work on his website:

Once again, waves of thank yous to Azim, Gerald, Manveesh and Guneshen of Flying Freaks, and Kjell, as well as all the people we met during these two weeks and who have shared their stories with us.

Many of you have been asking about when the movie will be released. In our next blog, we will give you an overview of what post-production work will include and what still needs to be done before the movie is released, in May 2016.

We look forward to sharing what we have learned with you over these past two weeks. Stay tuned for blogs, short clips, photos and more coming up soon! Also, if you missed it, Pamela de St. Antoine wrote a column about Vey nou Lagon for Le Week-End. The interview is available online:
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