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Onto post-production!
— by veynoulagon veynoulagon

Many of our fans have asked us: “Oh you’re done filming the whole movie? When can I see it?!” Our answer, May 2016, often comes as a surprise. Yes, indeed, there are at least another 9 months of work before the release of the movie.

What still needs to be done between now and when the movie comes out? Read the quick overview of the progress of the film so far and of our next steps and we’ll all be in the same boat.

Since the production ended, we have have been organizing the footage we have collected. In these 11 days of production, we have filmed 11 hours of interview and another 30 hours of underwater shots, drone shots, and B-roll. B-roll refers to action shots that we will use to illustrate the words of our interviewees.

For the camera geeks out there, we used a digital Bolex B16 that shoots in RAW. This means that after offloading the files from the camera to the computer, we also had to transcode them into proxy files, to make it easier for post-production work.

In addition to transferring the video and sound files on the computer, we also have to put the interviews on paper. Schéhérazade Deedarun is being of  wonderful help working on the interview transcriptions. Meanwhile, Vanina and our editor Jon Rabaud are logging all the footage.

We hope to finish the media management tasks by mid-August. Once that step is completed, we will be able to start working on the script. Working on the script entails including to the text sounds bites from the interview transcriptions and minutes of the shots we have logged.

Editing can start as soon as the script is finalized, hopefully by the end of August. We are aiming to have a first assembly to work with by the end of September. Our editor will be in Mauritius, and we will be in D.C. We expect that working together, across the world from each other, will slow us down a little.

The first assembly will enable us to work towards the rough cut. The rough cut will be longer than the actual movie, but will give us an idea of the succession of scenes. The fine cut will be the right length (26 minutes, the broadcast standard) and structure, but will still need fine tuning. Once the fine cut is finalized, the next step will be the final cut. After we all agree on the final cut, the film will be picture-locked and ready for color correction, sound design, music composition, and closed-captioning. The film will be translated and subtitled in French and English and packaged for delivery.

The final film is designed to be distributed on Mauritian public television. It will also be available on DVD, screened in villages and schools in Mauritius, and at film festivals worldwide. If you are interested in screening the film in your community, region, or country, do not hesitate to contact us.

While the movie is in post-production, we are also simultaneously working on building a platform to bring us together. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

In the meantime, we are also keeping in touch with sponsors and applying for grants. We are still raising funds for the distribution stage of the movie. You can help us by making a tax-deductible contribution. To do so, please visit our donation page: (scroll down for Vey nou Lagon)

Thank you all again for your continued interest and support! Keep an eye out for updates on post-production and previews of the film!