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Let's dive into production!
— by veynoulagon veynoulagon

The countdown has started. 2 oceans, 22 hours, and 16,400 kilometers between now and Mauritius. I am on my way from Washington, D.C. to meet Vanina at home.

Tomorrow is a big day for us! After a year of hard work, we are ready to begin the production of Vey nou Lagon.

This past year has included a lot of the behind the scenes pre-production work, from deciding on the approach of the movie and writing the script, talking to sponsors and writing grant applications,  to launching our website and social media platform. This past year also included a scouting trip to Mauritius, during which we met with different stakeholders, including fishers, coast guards, NGO representatives, scientists, members of the government, and citizens.

We have come a long way since last June and we are very excited to start filming the movie, tomorrow! Vanina and I and the rest of the crew are meeting Georgie at the public beach of Poste Lafayette, on the east coast of Mauritius at 6:45 in the morning. Just in time for sunrise!

Georgie is a professional fisherman, but he hoped of a better future for his children. Living off the ocean is not sustainable anymore. While his father raised 11 children from working as a full time fisherman, Georgie is the father of two and works three jobs to make ends meet. What has happened to ocean?

We look forward to gathering different pieces of the story for you over the next two weeks.

Join us as we get to know Georgie and his family,  explore the shoreline, the lagoons, and the underwater world of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Come with us to meet and learn from the tourism industry and from artisanal fishermen of the Western Indian Ocean.

Follow our adventures! Like Vey nou Lagon’s page on Facebook, retweet our posts, and follow us on Instagram @veynoulagon.

Finally, we would like to thank National Geographic, Trimetys, and Air Mauritius for their support in making these next two weeks possible.